Dallas storage

I’ve been telling you the story about when we moved to Texas many times. Most of you probably have read it at least once and feel like you’re done with it. Although, I’m sure several people reading this have no idea of what I’m talking. This text is going to be for them. I’m going to, once again, tell you the storage story in Dallas. The story of when we arrived in Dallas, realized we didn’t have a house, and needed storage.

I was going to way that it’s a funny story, but it’s not. At least, it was not a funny story back then. Quite shocking, to be honest.

We decided to move south because my wife got a job. We looked up places to live on the internet and found a place. Once we got down there, we realized we had paid the first 3 months for nothing. Literarily nothing. That’s why we needed storage in Dallas. We could borrow the truck for another 2 days, but then we needed to put our stuff somewhere. It was a nervous situation for us. Two kids and two stressed parents, looking for storage in Dallas – a completely new city.

We split up, and I went down to the city to look for someone that could help us. I visited different storages in Dallas and got the same answer everywhere. Either they didn’t have space at all, or they just rented out space for a longer period of time. The problem for us was that we didn’t know how long time we needed the Dallas storage for. 

I was desperate. Time was running out and I needed storage in Dallas very soon. I went down to one of the big streets in the city. Once I stood on the sidewalk and thought about the situation, a taxi driver came out of a coffee shop and walked towards his car. I went up to him and heard myself say “Excuse me”. He thought I was selling something, and I explained that I was looking for a storage in Dallas. I asked if he could help me.

He turned around and looked at me. He asked me how I was, as he noticed my red eyes. As it happened, this wonderful man knew someone who owned a storage in Boston. How lucky can you be? He called the person and it turned out we could come there the same afternoon.

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